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Fifty Fifty Brochure

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Fifty Fifty Datasheet

Fifty-Fifty 2000 Reception Counter

With their recti-linear lines, Fifty-Fifty reception desks combine a work surface and a reception top in a single unit. Used individually or associated with other units to create a reception cluster, they also adapt to provide the required level of confidentiality. Fifty-Fifty combines alternating wood finishes: from front to work surface, from side panel to reception shelf. Fifty-Fifty creates a friendly atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.

  • L 200 cm / D 108 cm / H 74 – 115 cm at highest point
  • DDA – Disability Discrimination Act Top
  • Structure made of Structurex®, thickness 25 mm.
  • 2 mm ABS edging.
  • Facing Nitech®, thickness 38 mm, assembled in section by tab serving as reception tablet for the visitors.
  • Cut in shape on the top and the facade to carry cable from desk to floor.
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