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At Plan-it Interiors, we commit ourselves to providing a rounded service. We can provide you with 2D and 3D CAD drawings to better plan your furniture.

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Plan-It and Business Cube - a perfect combination

  09th January 2017

  Plan-it have recently worked with serviced offices provider Business Cube on their new premises in Worship Street, excellently located between Old Street and Finsbury Square in central London.   We caught up with Business Cube Sales and Operations Manager, Luke Trusselle, about their latest venture. Why did you choose Plan-It to help with this …

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We must be off our trolley!

  21st September 2016

No problem is terminal although it comes close when Heathrow Terminal 5 is left without a conveyor system for a few hours and they find themselves with 10,000 suitcases to deal with. Plan-It Interiors were approached to come up with a solution to this problem and seeing as a) we love a challenge and b)welove …

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The Premier League of Office Furniture

  15th September 2016

When Emirates Airlines needed to reduce their head office space in the Cromwell Road, London from three floors to two they hired Andraos Associates architects, interior designers and development consultants, who in turn brought in Plan-It Interiors to carry out the space planning element of the project. The work involved restructuring the office to make …

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Living on the Edge

  27th July 2016

Who said that office furniture needs to be all straight lines and sharp corners? Where is it written that a desk should have four legs and a table top? Sometimes its good to push the barriers, to have something original in your office which is not only practical and comfortable but also looks fabulous to …

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Fancy a coffee?

  19th July 2016

The office is changing and you dont have to look further than your nearest Starbucks to see what we mean. People sat at coffee tables, a latte on the side but more importantly a lap-top in front of them, or maybe just a phone in their hand, and they are working. Technology means that no …

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Youve got the power

  12th July 2016

At least we hope you’ve got the power because otherwise theres not too much you can get done these days in an office environment without a power source - whether its for your desktop, phone charger or printer, a safe and reliable power source will be required. At Plan-It Interiors we have a large selection …

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Screened for success

  26th May 2016

Every office has one…. the person who always wants to have a conversation when you have an important deadline looming. And what about the colleague who doesnt quite grab the concept of personal space and likes to talk to you face to face, or should that be nose to nose! Perhaps you sit opposite someone …

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Caves are cool

  23rd May 2016

“A man cave or manspace is a male retreat or sanctuary” Let us start by stating that these fabulous ‘caves’ are not exclusive to men…. anyone can use them as the new way to meet in open workspaces. They are robust to withstand heavy use, and let’s face it, if you have one of these …

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Lets get comfy

  11th May 2016

While we know the importance of having a good quality supportive office chair which will help you maintain your posture and avoid backache….. we also have to recognise that sometimes its nice to just lounge around on a nice comfy seat and maybe have a chat with your work-mates or perhaps an informal brain-storming session….. …

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Why build walls?

  05th May 2016

When you think about it logically…. it makes no sense These days the majority of offices are open plan but there is still a need to provide private meeting rooms, so what are you going to do? Well you dont have to build any walls! We love these acoustic pods which are designed to provide …

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Time to turn the corner

  01st April 2016

For anyone who might have been a little bit naughty as a child, the corner of a room may bring back memories of being made to stand facing the wall as a punishment from an angry teacher! For anyone else though a corner order doxycycline usa desk can be a popular choice whether you work …

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Welcome to Spring!

  24th March 2016

The clocks spring forward this weekend and winter officially leaves us. Now you have no excuse not to spring-clean your desk and office! Its time to store away the left-over Christmas decorations and bin the empty juice bottles. Why not really push the boat out and wipe down your keyboard and monitor screen? As the …

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White is the new White!

  03rd March 2016

White - a blank canvas, clean, fresh, light, bright. Perhaps not always inspiring but never intrusive. White can be a great option for an office and were not just talking about the walls! There is plenty of stylish office furniture around in white which can give your work environment a modern and professional look.

The post

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An office to match your personality!

  24th February 2016

Should you design your office to suit your own personality or to suit your business? Its a bit of a trick question because your business should reflect your personality and vice versa. How can you run a successful business if it is not part of you! An office really should compliment your business as even …

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Paws for thought if you are having a ruff day at the office!

  18th February 2016

Britain has always been a nation of dog-lovers and these days more and more companies are proving this by allowing their workers to bring their dogs to the office. Taking your dog to work has been proven to boost morale, increase productivity and keep employees motivated. It also provides workers with that all important reason …

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Move away from the desk ...... and eat your lunch!

  11th February 2016

There are days when all those unread emails in your inbox are screaming for attention and you decide to eat at your desk so that you can tackle them during your lunch-break. It sounds like a sensible plan - one day eating at your desk is not the end of the world and you will …

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Home Sweet Home

  28th January 2016

Ahh… the commute into work! Packed into a tube carriage like a sardine, some random blokes armpit in your face and another with morning-after breath on the other side of you. Or perhaps a daily visit to the car park also known as the M25…. little wonder that more and more people now work from …

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Are you sitting comfortably?

  21st January 2016

As someone who has sat at a desk for most of my working life I suffer with bad posture - and Im sure Im not the only one. Ive recently joined a new Pilates class and most of the people who go say that their biggest problem area is their posture, neck, shoulders and upper …

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Add some colour to your working day!

  15th January 2016

There’s nothing like a splash of colour to help banish the January blues and light up your (working) life. But with so many choices, how do you decide which colour to go for? Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that colour affects productivity? Here is what the experts say about some of …

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Lounging Around

  17th December 2015

Few would have been sorry to see huge clunky computers, monitors with huge bottoms and corded phones with dozens of buttons replaced with sleek, compact new technology freeing up enough space on a desk to actually get some work done on an uncluttered surface (unless you are one of those really messy but apparently creative …

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Bringing the outdoors indoors

  09th December 2015

Exposing employees to nature, whether through bringing the outdoors in or through increasing natural exposure to the outdoors, can improve efficiency by as much as 12 percent,due to greater concentration and improved productivity. Despite the crazy weather we have experienced recently - wet summers, warm winters, alphabetically-named storms, disastrous flooding….. we still love nature and …

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New Year Resolution!

  01st December 2015

Can it really be December already? How did that happen! 2016 will be here faster than you can say “Plan-It Interiors” so time to start thinking about New Year resolutions and perhaps a new office design or furniture as well! To help inspire you we will be blogging about the latest office design trends which …

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First on the Agenda..... the Boardroom!

  29th October 2015

For most companies a Boardroom needs to be multi-functional, few can afford the luxury of having a large meeting room only used once a quarter by the Board. But as the name indicates it does need to house these important meetings and therefore first priority should be that it has a large table big enough …

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Spaced Out

  20th October 2015

So you’ve got an office space but how do you go about making sure you maximise that space, whether it is new or if you are redesigning an existing office. With the high rents that offices are commanding these days it is essential that you dont waste any opportunities. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting the …

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Putting the Fun in Funky

  07th October 2015

The weather is turning grey, the nights are getting longer and its going to be a long time until Spring……. time for a peek at some funky offices to brighten up your day! You dont have to work for a high-tech big brand to enjoy a funky office environment - here is an example of …

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First Impressions

  29th September 2015

  They say that first impressions a) are made in the first 7 seconds and b) are hard to change. As the reception area of an office is the first thing that any visitor sees it is really important to make sure that the opportunity is maximised to help form that all important first impression. …

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  17th September 2015

In our last blog post we told you about the range of benefits associated with walking meetings with improved health being at the top of the list, but what about those who don’t have daily meetings? The workers who do just that … work…. all day long…. sat at their desk. They more than likely …

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Walk the Talk

  10th September 2015

We’ve all been there. At a meeting in the office, sitting in an airless room around a table listening to a colleague speak or thinking up a new business plan but instead of brain-storming your mind is wandering and suddenly its not the company strategy you are planning, its your weekend…. your hand involuntarily doodling …

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The value of a well-designed office

  01st September 2015

    It doesn’t seem that long ago that offices looked like this, filled with identical workstations inside cubicles isolating workers so that they wouldn’t be distracted by their colleagues, a sea of grey walls which could begin to feel like prison after only a short space of time. Even those who loved their jobs …

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Hit the ground running

  03rd August 2015

So you’ve got a great business idea and you want to hit the ground running. You don’t have the time to look for office space and any money saved on buying office equipment could be better invested in your new venture. You might need an assistant or two so you cant run it from home, …

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A happy office is a productive office

  23rd July 2015

Its no secret that high levels of employee satisfaction result in high productivity and good staff retention. One factor which scores high in the satisfaction stakes is having a well-designed and comfortable office space. When creating a productive office environment there are a number of factors which should be considered. Room temperature is one of …

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Creating a creative office

  15th July 2015

At Plan-It Interiors we love a challenge so we are more than happy to get our design juices flowing when creative media companies need our help. While watching the Big Brother housemates slowly lose their minds or the faces of The Money Drop contestants as they make a wrong choice and lose up to a …

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